Like it or not--and blame it on marketing, or the security of the familiar--kids love chains. Fortunately, one of the higher-class burger chains is also kid-friendly. At Fuddruckers, children eat for 99 cents every day. They get their choice of a hamburger, hot dog, grilled cheese sandwich, or chicken strips, with fries, a drink, and--over at a separate counter after they are finished with the meal--a cookie. They have a blast decorating their food at the condiment smorgasboard, piling on pickles, tomatoes, mustard, mayo, and whatever else their twisted little taste buds desire. Having built up a healthy buzz from the sugary dessert, they can zoom around the spacious premises without causing much of a scene or, if your pocketbook allows, can partake in the video games available in the side room. Plenty of high chairs are available for toddlers. Finally, the two Fuddruckers listed above are the ones we confirmed are totally smoke-free, although nonsmoking sections exist in the other four locations.


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