Sure, every big-time food co-op is hawking strawberry smoothies, chocolate Oatscream, and bee-pollen-laced Ewegurt these days. And little juice bars-cum-cafés, from the corporate to the whimsical, are springing up like wheatgrass. But the juice counter that combines inventive, diverse selections with a price you can swallow is a far rarer sprout. The 12-ounce cup they call "small" at Linden Hills would qualify as a large at most other bars, yet it costs the same--from $3 to $3.50--as what you'd shell out elsewhere for a mere eight-ouncer. And Linden Hills covers the basics--blends of carrot, beet, ginger--along with more exotic combos like the Calcium/Iron Fix, a sweet and spicy mix of kale, spinach, carrot, and apple. You can conjure your own brew from the organic ingredients, or buy something in the produce department and have it juiced. The 16-ounce smoothies ($3.75 to $4.25) range from the humble Georgia Peach to the flaming Verry Berry (black-cherry Oatscream, bananas, apple juice, and black-, rasp-, and strawberries). Still too orthodox? Sip a swirl of cherry Oatscream, fresh pineapple, cranberry, orange, and lime juices, and you'll be riding off into Jessie C's Sunset. With enough cash in your pocket to come back for a Sunny Kiss.


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