You might as well chuck that pack of by-product weenies right over the back fence where it belongs--into the neighbor's pit-bull bowl. Thanks to Coastal's recent team-up with Icelandair, backyard grills around the Cities can look forward to a summer of luscious, affordable arctic char, in steady supply from far northern waters. Between that and denizens of the deep from the East Coast (monkfish, haddock, cod), Eastern Canada (Prince Edward Island mussels), the Northwest (halibut, wild salmon), and other holes and spawning runs around the globe (Portuguese sardines, sushi-grade yellowtail), summer picnics are pretty well set for finned main courses. Winter brings in heavier, often oilier and denser fare, from mahi-mahi to squiggly critters perfect for chowder. "Being at a major airport here, we're essentially no more than 12 hours from anywhere on the planet when it comes to shipping in seafood," explains Minneapolis branch manager Tim Lauer. "Minneapolis is finally coming into its own seafoodwise." The staff at both locations are good counsel on matters of prep and palate, and both stores also stock scores of sauces, marinades, seasonings, and side fixings.


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