Downtown Minneapolis corned-beef lovers are still weeping over the closing of the Cecil's in City Center. Fortunately the family business survives on St. Paul's vital, though diffuse, restaurant row--and for those afraid to leave their cube, they still deliver to downtown Minneapolis businesses. If you make the trip, you can shop for kosher foods and specialty items while waiting for a to-go order, or sit down in the dining room for salty matzo ball soup and a deli sandwich fit to make you feel like a mogul. The Some Like It Hot serves up hot pastrami and hot pepper cheese on grilled pumpernickel. The Rifka seduces with hot turkey, Swiss cheese, barbecue sauce, onions, and mushrooms on a kaiser roll. But there is one sandwich that tops them all: Roast beef, onion, and lettuce on a kaiser roll drenched in Cecil's special bird sauce, a mild blend of horseradish, mustard, mayonnaise and secret spices. Attazoy!


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