The lunch and dinner cuisine here is what foodies describe at Italian/pan-Asian fusion, but the breakfast is unapologetically, eclectically, eggily American. You can't go wrong with the hearty, meal-in-themselves pancakes--take your choice of honey buttermilk or blue cornmeal ($5.25, or $6.25 with fruit). The omelets are large but light: Try the Fabulous Feta, packed with cheese, spinach, and tomatoes ($6.50). French toast au fromage ($5.95) is a great twist on an old favorite, and the baked artichoke and egg ramekin ($6.95) is mouthwateringly, deliciously gooey. Breakfast here eases the pain of going into your thankless job for the capitalist rat bastards--or it makes a great start to a weekend morning.


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