Sure, Grayson, age 33, hasn't been around as long as his colleagues at the big three network affiliates. And maybe he doesn't have the insider connections of hometown guy Mark Rosen, or Randy Shaver, or even Joe Schmidt. No matter. The appealingly untelegenic Grayson works harder on his prose than anyone in the market, and that makes his reports the cleanest and most informative on the Twin Cities' airwaves. "We pride ourselves on our writing. I'm trying to reach someone who maybe doesn't care that much about sports," explains Grayson, who has been at the Eden Prairie-based KMSP since 1993, following a similar stint in Green Bay. While growing up in Milwaukee, Grayson met Bucks, Packers, and Brewers in person, thanks to his late father's advertising-world connections. His boyhood enthusiasm for sports remains more or less intact, evident both in his savvy nightly recaps and his smooth high school tournament play-by-play work. Grayson sprinkles his telecasts with some well-honed ESPN-style punditry, but he never seeks to put himself, or his own sense of celebrity, above the story--a rare quality these days.


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