Given the stupefying proliferation of generic shticks that now clog the sports talk airwaves (the white hipsters, the braying hysterics, the lackluster stat hounds, and so on), Reusse wins points for originality alone. The longtime Strib columnist possesses one of the funniest, least affected voices in local radio--a sort of wacky croaking interrupted by abrupt shifts in pitch and punctuated by a raucous nasal laugh. It has kept him going at the mic since 1983. Reusse's freewheeling Saturday Morning Sports Talk, which airs on KSTP-AM (1500) from 10 a.m. to noon, succeeds for many of the same reasons as his Strib screeds, which are consistently the best of the daily sports columns. He talks (and writes) about an eclectic array of sports with both genuine interest and considerable knowledge--be it the NBA, the Westminster Dog Show, or the Upper Midwest Golden Gloves. Yeah, Reusse sometimes comes off as a bit of a crank. Whaddya expect? He's a sportswriter.


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