With hip hop and R&B responsible for the most energy (and the most listeners) in contemporary popular music, KMOJ--the only urban music station in our market--would be worthy of attention regardless of quality. KMOJ, our least celebrated community station, shares an immediate rapport with its callers and has created a dialogue that allows the broadcasts to become a focal point for on-air debates and shared jokes. In other words, KMOJ sounds like the community it represents: heterogeneous, stylistically varied, often in disagreement. Its need to satisfy so many different preferences leads to a wide range of programming: There's morning gospel, afternoon world beat, nighttime hip hop, and late-night Quiet Storm. Of course, such versatility can also be messy. Placing your community affairs programming at 6:00 p.m. isn't the wisest business move. Let's just hope this station gets its long-discussed transmitter boost, so St. Paul can enjoy it all as well.


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