Certainly, you'll come away from a Constantine session with the basics of a dance step engraved in your mind and a little more rhythm in your slightly looser booty. But what sets Dean and his partner Dorothy apart from the pack is the vaudevillian patter they keep up as they demonstrate--bedecked in fire-engine-red sequins and spats. He: "And watch how dramatic the tango is when executed perfectly." She, sotto voce: "In your dreams." Constantine's classes cover the fox trot, the waltz, the Lindy, the polka, the rumba, the samba, and swing-dancing basics, too, in addition to whatever else is hot when you sign up. Classes are offered most evenings and Sundays at 24 locations throughout the metro area. Four hour-and-a-half sessions start at just $40 per person (try out the first class for $15). Students in search of a refresher course before a big wedding (or a prom) are often welcome to drop in during other lessons or review sessions.


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