If your past has included picking up your debutante prom date in your dad's BMW, the comedy of Colleen Kruse may be lost on you. But if, like most of us, you've struggled en route to the top, middle, or bottom of the heap, Kruse's musings will bring the laughter of recognition. The comedian is a product of working-class East St. Paul, teenage single motherhood, and a tour at Mickey's Diner. Those experiences have put her, as she declares onstage in thigh-high boots, "in touch with her inner motherfucker." Whether talking about her young son's pride in his erect penis or her day job in restaurants, Kruse is more interested in observational storytelling than one-liners. A break from the usual rim-shot crew, Kruse will have you laughing at the tiny moments, small hells, and repressed fantasies that many of us endure (or once endured) every day.


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