Honorable mentions go to Dotty and Margo from Fargo, your drag queen hosts of Get Off My Dress and perennial favorites among the cable-show scene. Whether they are discussing the latest in vintage fashion or demonstrating the best juicing techniques, Dotty and Margo prove that "bad is good"--and they are only getting better. The win in this category, though, goes to the Fancy Man, who capped this season with a flamboyant yet ill-fated run for governor. Looking like a mix between Little Richard and Prince, Fancy Ray has dubbed himself "The Best Lookin' Man in Comedy." But what is it that he actually does? What makes his show the best? Consisting of segments of his standup routine and snippets from his appearances on nationally televised shows like Jenny Jones or Maury Povich, Fancy Ray's show makes a name for its creator by doing very little. It's a brilliant study in the art of self-promotion--Andy Warhol would be proud--and this is where the beauty of the endeavor lies. He takes himself seriously enough to believe that he is capable of doing anything, yet when he does nothing, the joke never seems to be on him. New shows air every four to six weeks (Saturdays at 9:00 p.m. on Minneapolis cable channel 33) and repeat shows are played in the interim.


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