Sig Harris, the 76-year-old, second-generation proprietor defines the massive stock Harris Machinery has accumulated on its five-acre spread since 1903 by degrees of obsolescence. "Blowers aren't very good business anymore."--"The motor business isn't what it used to be."--"Dunnage bags: I don't know if they even use them anymore."--"We used to sell pulleys--we had fields of them."--"Some of these blocks are worth $500 or $1,000, but no one wants them." Truly, spread across these six massive buildings is something like a history of 20th-century American industry. But should such high-minded notions seem less important than finding a 1,200-gallon mixing vat--well, Harris Machinery's had one for sale since 1975. After 95 years in the business, how does Sig Harris account for his company's amazing longevity? "We came to work every day and stayed sober."


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