What with the Beemers and urban muscle-utes parked outside, we might be forgiven for thinking that the maniacally attentive staff at this Wayzata boardwalk storefront tailed us suspecting we were shoplifters. At least until the gushiest of the salesladies--and they are ladies, as in ladies who lunch--snuck up on one of CP's undercover shoppers with an aquamarine cloche, popped the beribboned bonnet on her head, and pronounced it particularly her, what with Easter just around the corner. This is truly the most upscale of the Twin Cities' several upscale thrift stores, packed with the leavings of power-shoppers--no $2 Levi's here. Our haul: pointy-toed half boots with contrasting toes, $35; an olive linen skirt that fit like a sin, $30; a royal blue Ann Taylor vest, $18; a burnt-orange silk tee from Banana Republic, $14; and a pair of silver earrings shaped like tiny lobsters, $6. They wrapped our purchases in tissue of several colors, sealed each little parcel with a gold sticker bearing the store logo, tucked them all into a string-handled shopping bag, and tied the handles together with curly ribbons. When we ambled back out into downtown Wayzata, we felt as if we'd spent the afternoon at Gaviidae.


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