There are two Explore Stores at the Science Museum. One caters to adults and features games, books, executive toys, etc., and is remarkably easy to lose yourself in. The other is for kids. If you happen upon the latter at the same time as a busload of 9-year-olds, you'll witness first-hand the strengths of this store. Armed with the field-trip allowance of $1 each, they struggle to choose from the stunning array of inexpensive geegaws: Should they buy a handful of polished gemstones? A bouncy ball? That lollipop with the REAL bug in it? More spendy adults might consider "pin art" (press your hand into the pins; make art) or any of dozens of science games and puzzles. To top it off, the Explore Store is the best place to get that necessary third-grade accessory, the plastic model dinosaur.


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