This place was the talk of the King's Court Tattoo Convention last November, and the local buzz still hasn't died down. Located well off the beaten path in pastoral Hopkins, Electric Dragonland isn't the shady concern you imagine when you think of a tattoo parlor. Gone are the long rows of standardized designs lining the walls, the dilapidated furnishings and equally disheveled purveyor; the studio looks more like a carefully run free clinic with ink-clad interns darting between separated rooms down a fluorescent-lit hallway. Four artists ply their needles, creating custom designs. Need an exact, living-color replica of your girlfriend's photo? No problem. They also re-create standard tattoos in so many ways no one gets the same one twice. Even for custom work you're charged only for the time the artist spends actually tattooing, between $125 and $150 per hour.


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