This isn't the kind of place where your finds are cleaned up, sorted, and given price tags. This is the kind of salvage yard where, upon finding 20 feet of the exact plate rail that's half-gone from your 1909 dining room, you schlep it downstairs to a guy in greasy coveralls who eyeballs it--and you--and barks out, "$10." There's a whole hayloft full of doors, another one crammed with windows, and even a room-sized patch of fireplace inserts, surrounds, and mantels. There are some stained- and leaded-glass windows and light fixtures, but the valuable and architecturally significant pieces have been mostly picked over already and sent to those other salvage yards, ahem, retailers--you know, the ones with polished maple floors instead of hard-packed dirt. Hours are erratic; call before making the trip.


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