Or should we say "Best Place to Rent Foreign Films"? Literally defined, "foreign videos" would refer to tapes imported from abroad and then converted to the U.S. video standard, the business of which is both risky for the merchant and essential to the connoisseur. But since last year's winner, the literally named Intercontinental Video, had its wrist slapped recently by some provincial, party-pooping whistle-blowers, the new champ is an old favorite: Discount Video, chosen largely on the basis of its comprehensive library of foreign movies. These carefully selected, defiantly unorganized titles number more than 1,400 (not counting the 300-plus "Asian Action" tapes) and include many out-of-print or otherwise rare Fellinis, Campions, Kurosawas, Jodorowskys, and Paradjanovs. Also recently found: Godard's Le gai savoir, Herzog's Cobra Verde, Kobayashi's Kwaidan, and Rivette's four-hour La belle noiseuse. Vive le Discount!


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