Collectors, look no further. Within the walls of 15 Minutes sit toys and games and curios of all eras and all degrees of taste--from the occasional Nightmare Before Christmas figurine to something as banal as a Jolly Green Giant jigsaw puzzle. The obsessiveness of collecting has no fuller manifestation than 15 Minutes, a space in which wares are wedged and stacked on top of each other until the store looks less like a place of commerce than one of those legendary apartments in which recluses are trapped under a collapsing stack of newspapers and discovered a month later half-devoured by their cats. And if proprietor Steve Kaplan seems just as eccentric (he ends each sale by saying, "Tell 'em where you got it, but don't tell 'em what you paid. Y'all come back, now"), he is also amiable, knowledgeable, and extremely helpful in helping customers find that special something to quiet their squalling inner child.


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