Get on Lyndale Avenue and go south. Now keep going until you're almost positive you're lost. Just before you resolve to turn around, a small black-and-white sign with a diamond-like emblem will direct you into the parking lot of a building that looks more like a well-designed house than a set of shops. The relative seclusion and security of its location allows Wixon Jewelers to stock pieces customers will have a hard time finding anywhere else in the Twin Cities. Deep blues and greens shine from the depths of rare black opals in their glass and dark wood display cases. Tanzanite, a rare stone found only in Tanzania, glows in deep periwinkle. Silky-gray black pearls compete with vanilla and pink strands of their paler cousins. Looking for the gift for the woman with everything? Wixon's hedgehog cut from gem-quality citrine is sure to please. Or if she's a bird lover, how about a parrot made from rubies? In addition to the 12 designer lines the store keeps in stock, Wixon employs four full-time goldsmiths and an award-winning designer who will create a piece to match your heart's desire.


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