Done correctly, a greeting card can carry the punch of a David Letterman one-liner. Unfortunately, most cards are written for people who find "knock-knock" jokes hysterical, or, at a minimum, have difficulty discerning an honest emotion from a purchased one. But somehow, the buyer at dooDah has uncovered a cache of greeting-card writers capable of eliciting laughs from even the most hard-core card aficionados. A recent favorite: a congratulatory card for the parents of high school/college graduates that has a young woman in a robe and cap on the front of the card with the caption: "It's a miracle she made it..." and on the inside, "After all, this is a girl who thinks asphalt is a rectal disorder." (Okay, you had to be there.) Unlike the franchise shops, dooDah has a large gay and lesbian section stocked with everything from tasteful marriage announcements to raunchy birthday cards, and a unique assortment of gift items, including the hard-to-find potato gun (poke the barrel into a spud for hours of shooting fun). In case you're stumped for ideas, each week the store's staffers select a "pick of the week."


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