Not many people understand the power of a delphinium. A trailing spike of blue as deep as the Pacific with highlights the color of a July morning, the flower would be easy to drown in a mixed bouquet. But what if, instead, you were to display a single one of the nodding clusters amid pearly white statice, filigree baby's breath, and just a few cobalt lobelias to echo its remarkable hue? That's the kind of thing Richfield Floral has been doing for close to half a century, and for that alone we hope they're never forgotten, tucked away as they are in that little suburban storefront. Walk in and you won't notice much besides Beanie Babies, silk daffodils, and the obligatory collection of low-light houseplants. But ask them to put together a custom bouquet--for a wedding, for Mother's Day, or just for you--and prepare to be dazzled.


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