These days the prole's A/V outlet of choice might well be a 1-800 mail-order company found in the back pages of Stereo Review et al. But as a place to see and hear your affordable fetish object before bringing it home, Best Buy is tough to beat, and the cavernous flagship store off I-494 and Lyndale is well worth the drive from either end of the city. Because price is all that matters here, consider these options: a Sony hi-fi VCR for two bills; an intro-level DVD player for $399.99; a Discman for a C-note; or a 46-inch projection TV for a grand. Some key manufacturers are sadly MIA (Mitsubishi? Proton? Polk Audio?), but Best Buy has been courting a few connoisseur brands of late, including Bose, Philips, JBL, Monster Cable, and even Nakamichi. This is also a fine place to pick up your preferred type of blank tape and patchcord, or even the old-style VHF/UHF/FM antenna Grandpa insists on having for his roof.


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