Under their skinny black ties, inside their cartoon cars, and behind their honest-to-God badges, these "special agents" hide some serious technological talent. These are the guys you call when anything from your 50-terminal office network to your lone pre-Pentium Gateway crashes. They'll come to you (probably in a vintage car bearing their red and black logo) or you can deliver your PC or Mac to them via their brand-new drive-thru window. They'll pull peanut-butter toast out of your CD-ROM slot. They'll obliterate the virus that shut down your machine without so much as an error message. And their whole zoot-suit-and-fedora shtick means they do it with a kind of panache that somehow makes you feel less stupid for crashing your computer in the first place. Best of all, they offer services for those who haven't yet hit the crisis point: Surf their site at or e-mail them at [email protected] before you really need them.


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