Truth be told, you can't really knock the baby superstores. They were inevitable, for one thing--sooner or later warehouse shopping was bound to trickle down to the maternity-and-toddler set. But especially in this day and age, there's something to be said for the personal, homey touch. And you can't get much more personal and homey than Baby Grand, which makes the most of Grand Avenue's liberal zoning by operating out of an actual house. That house is crammed full of virtually everything new parents (and soon-to-be-new parents) could possibly want. Carriages and strollers. High chairs. Walkers, bouncers, and those wonderful contraptions that allow you to carry Junior like a front- or back-pack. Cribs. More bedding than you could shake a rattle at. And, yes, rattles, not to mention all sorts of other toys. If you don't know exactly what you want, service is prompt, solicitous, and knowledgeable. If you do know exactly what you want and Baby Grand doesn't stock it, proprietor Patty Roedler will do her utmost to track it down for you. A handmade organic cotton crib bumper set with matching comforter and dust ruffle? No problem! The deep discounters may be able to undercut Patty's prices, but they can't touch her crew when it comes to ambiance, quality of merchandise, and all-around helpfulness.


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