Last season, the ever-diligent Radke fine-tuned the location of his off-speed pitches with spectacular results: 20 wins (including 12 in a row), an ERA below 4, the seventh-best strikeout total in the American League, and a third-place finish in the Cy Young voting. The guy really has no weaknesses, as he also fields his position well and presents an above-average move to first base for a righty. Best yet, he can essentially coach himself, a useful trait on a staff managed by Tom Kelly and pitching coach Dick Such, who've shown few discernible talents for developing pitchers. Nevertheless, since Radke can't overpower batters when he's not hitting his spots, he still stands the chance of getting lit up at any moment--which makes him the perfect standard bearer for a financially fragile franchise that must overachieve for every win it gets.


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