Even with the much-hyped hetero influx, the 90's remains the quintessential downtown club, a high-ceilinged, multiroom, multilevel complex with an unparalleled hip-hop floor, a bone-rattling house floor, enormous (and cheap) hamburgers, strong (cheap) drinks, a peerless drag show, a leather room (the "men's room"), and male exotic dancers as friendly and clean-cut (and straight?) as any human specimen this side of Richie Cunningham. Er, that's a bad example: Try Dirk Diggler. Around 1 a.m., underage kids overrun the place, but the loss of space and homo-centricity is compensated for by youthful energy. Plus, the 90's meets the first requirement of a good club: The beat is perfectly audible down the street. Ah, if these vibrating walls could talk...


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