With a $6 cover and airport-priced drinks ($4.75 for a Coke!), Schieks is no cheap thrill. But you get what you pay for: an aura of class in a dimly lit, well-decorated setting where every part of the room seems both intimate and somewhat visible from everywhere else. The inside of this vaulted room features a molded ceiling, a bar lined wall-to-wall with books, fancy lighting, a wait staff as alluringly outfitted as the entertainers, and real exotic dancers who know what they're doing, and do it slowly. Local laws prohibit the sale of alcohol in all-nude bars, so here the dancers keep their G-strings on: a welcome trade-off, as the extra buzz takes the edge off those first-timer jitters. $15 gets you a personal dance, an experience that can either break your heart or leave you cold--keeping eye contact yields the best results.


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