Let there be no mistake: Both Kirk Hill and Charles Disney are certifiable oddballs, at least compared to a lot of the soft-spoken process-heads who pass for community activists around here. But like most eccentrics, these two--one representing poor tenants, the other the landlords who rent to them--are on to something. They know that, though they may have been mortal foes 10 years ago, these days they have a common enemy: the politicians who've decided that it's a lot easier to fight poor people than to fight poverty. Case in point: They were the only ones who, when officialdom was cheering the eviction of 19 families from the apartment building at 1818 Park (where the body of 77-year-old Ann Prazniak was found last month), pointed out that buildings don't kill people; people do. Coincidentally, you've got a chance to catch their joint act at a 6:30 p.m. forum this very night (May 13) at Bryant Square Park. A tape of the event will air on Minneapolis cable access (Channel 33) in the next few weeks.


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