"Baseball Museum" doesn't begin to do justice to Ray Crump's monument just across the railroad tracks from the Marshmallow Mausoleum, and with major-league baseball still threatening to skip town, there may be no more perfect time than this summer for a jaw-dropping visit. The front of the cluttered and noisy space masquerades as a sports-memorabilia shop, selling everything from T-shirts to trading cards. But it's in the back that Crump has assembled a spectacular and wholly surreal shrine to all things obsolescent, an almost terrifying document of one man's obsession with the intersecting worlds of celebrity and professional sports. It's one of the better free kicks in town to watch parents trying to explain to their kids the connections between, say, a baseball signed by the Beatles, an Elvis Presley tour jacket, and an autographed photo of Crump himself with Brady mom Florence Henderson.


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