The selection of local salsa nights is surprisingly rich: Throughout the week, dancers and awed spectators can bask in los ritmos afrocubanos in such spaces as Amelia's, South Beach, and the downtown Hyatt. But the Quest on Monday nights is the center of the scene, a fact that owes less to the club's glitzy decor than the night's diverse clientele (admission is $10). Amid a crowd of Latinos, whites, and Asians (!), the best dancers in town (many of them off-duty instructors) come to show off their moves, spinning and shuffling with a disciplined abandon. While the Quest, like a few other venues, offers introductory classes (starting at 8:30 p.m.), we feel obliged to let the rhythmically challenged know that they might feel intimidated as the night goes on and the dancers get increasingly fabulous. Of course, newcomers should take it as inspiration, not discouragement: Dancing is as much a skill as it is a talent, and the Quest offers a lush display of exactly how gorgeously skillful it can become.


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