The beauty of this location is that it serves bladers of varying skills while dishing up some of the best people-watching in the city. Start your roll at Lake Harriet (the shadiest of the three lakes) and wend your way north. On the south end of Lake Calhoun, the populace ranges from urban hip hoppers with bass-booming boxes to suburban volleyball jocks. As you travel north, you might want to consider hopping off to swing on the playground, or continue heading east to have an ice-cream cone at the concession stand. The trickiest part of this trip, at least for novice bladers, is crossing Lake Street. If your nerves fail, take off your blades and scurry across. Once over, you begin the shortest leg of the journey--around Lake of the Isles, which some would call a pond, but it does have a more pastoral feel than the other two. Once around, follow the path back to your starting point.


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