Calling all girls with a taste for bad boys, cheap drinks, and experimental music (or any combination thereof): Here's an adventure for you. Stroll into the Terminal Bar on Tuesday nights, all by your badass, lonesome self, and sit down at the bar. Act cool. Lazily gaze at the band onstage. Look chic and a little bored. Occasionally give your vodka and cranberry (a.k.a. the Cape Cod) a meaningful look. Within 10 minutes we can guarantee you that a nice-looking young fellow will shimmy up beside you. Don't look at him. Wait for the tension to build. He's a sophisticated player, as he'll soon prove while he tells you why he moved from Brooklyn to Minneapolis with his girlfriend, why he couldn't marry her, and why he's so happy being single and making billboard designs for Dayton's. His other friends (also on the make) will join in. If you're a free lover, woo him. It's easy: Just agree with everything he says, make him feel brilliant and witty. After a couple Cape Cods, he might even start sounding sincere.


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