The Twin Cities clubscape typically grows when old-guard drinking holes such as Mayslacks or the Terminal Bar either build stages in the corner or elevate the hipness quotient of their band bookings. The new music space with the best environmental control, though, would be the Twilight Lounge, the remodeled back room of the Jitters Cafe in downtown Minneapolis. The aptly named Twilight is like a ballroom crossed with a bedroom, with plush circular booths, glittery decoration, and a floor that serves as the stage. It's classy and comfortable enough to doze off in while listening to blissful sets by the DJs and trance/rocktronica bands (Ousia, Skyeclad, and Metaphor) that often perform there on weekends in a low-key showcase called the New Atlantis. Cross over to Jitters' acoustic stage up front if you need a change of pace. But get it while you can: Rumors continue to surface that the block containing both Jitters and the Times Bar and Cafe could be slated for demolition to make way for the new Target tower.


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