A downtown scene featuring sleek lines and sexy people, Table of Contents is the perfect place to sip on the Classic--95 proof Bombay Sapphire, chilled and shaken with a dash of dry vermouth (the classic price: $5.50). If that mix is too high and tight, there are 25 other martinis to choose from: John's Smartini, sporting Ketel One vodka, dry vermouth, and an orange twist; a mixture of Skyy vodka and a hint of Blue Curacao called the Glacier; the 3 M's, which is a Maker's Mark bourbon Manhattan with sweet vermouth, a dash of bitters, and a cherry; and, for the bold, a spicy Cajun martini that cuts its Absolut Peppar vodka with dry vermouth and a pickled tomatillo. The bustling-but-spacious bar is naturally lit in the afternoon and dims to a blur at dusk. And the bartenders don't waste time with small talk or flourish. They just mix your drink, serve some out-of-this-world appetizers, and stay out of the way.


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