For local hip hop, the Headshots crew (a.k.a. Rhyme Sayers) isn't the only name in town, though it's definitely the most visible one. And among the dozen or so Headshots rhymers, DJs, and producers, the superfriends group DynoSpectrum is to Twin Cities rap what Golden Smog is to hometown roots rock. (Like the Smog, the members even have code names for 'Spectrum uses only.) A cheat sheet of sorts for this extended clique, the DynoSpectrum comprises the intense solo artist Beyond (the Minneapolis KRS-1, some say); prolific beat poet Slug from Atmosphere; Gene Pool from Phull Surkle; and the often-MIA Chaka from the Micranots. Their music offers a busy onslaught of aggression, commentary, and good old house-party fucking around. Check out their two tracks on the new Headshots compilation cassette Industrial Warfare, and their full-length disc on the Rhyme Sayers label, due any day.


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