In the last chapter of his tell-all-say-nothing book No Room for Crybabies, the Vikings head coach sent the Twin Cities' white-bread sports fans and their thin-skinned columnists into a snit. Complaining about mistreatment from management, he outlined a plan to overthrow his bosses. Then, after taking heat in the local dailies, he claimed there was a media conspiracy to have him fired. Never known as a nice guy, rumored to be a philanderer (his appearance with President Clinton last month on ESPN was too choice to ignore), and often playing the race card like a royal flush, Green solidified his reputation as a bad boy. By the time his team made the playoffs, hard-core fans calling into sport chat shows were cheering for the Vikes to lose, just so there'd be one more reason to ax their coach. Of course Denny's team, touched by an angel, squeaked by the Giants in their wildcard game, further maddening the critics and guaranteeing his return. Here's hoping our very own Rodman sticks around for the millennium. He's more fun than the game.


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