There is only one place in town where you can interrupt the boozy pleasures of the bar by unleashing Jimi Hendrix's dissonant "Star-Spangled Banner": at the C.C. Club. Even the proprietor of this dingy and perennially popular hangout has been heard uttering, "What the hell is this?" in a fit of discomfort at the sounds emanating from the back of the room. Mix that track with anything by PJ Harvey or the creepy and obsessive "I Want You" by Elvis Costello, and your dollar has the power to interrupt almost everyone's conversation. You can also find Dylan Hicks's inspirational "Governor of Fun" and tracks by other local greats: The Cows, Prince, etc. One afternoon splurge had us spending $5 for a whopping 17 songs. If you want to be the best DJ in the city, go to Radio K. If you're not a student and you like to drink, head to the C.C.


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