Here it is, our rationale, straight from the lips of a CP staffer whose mother would probably be happier if we left him nameless: "Where else can I go with my lesbian friends and just chat, meet a nice, hard-bodied boy, dance, and buy a cock ring--all under one roof?" As someone who can't even spell compromise, Party Boy rushes to answer his own question: "Club Metro. There's a huge parking lot, no cover, and none of those suburban breeders." Six bars in one building, Club Metro is capable of catering to just about every scene in the Twin Cities' gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community. On the club's first floor there's a neighborhood pub-type bar that, depending on what night you visit, can seem like a sports bar or a little lounge with live acts on its tiny stage. Next door, the first of the DJ-driven dance rooms plays both old and new dance hits. Things take a turn for the trendier downstairs in the second dance room, where DJs cater to the high-end, circuit boys. Down in this "Underground," the music's a bit more cutting edge, the crowd younger and firmer, and shirts come off starting at midnight. The lower level also boasts smaller bars with country and western and karaoke scenes, as well as a gift store that sells rainbow-themed merchandise. The outdoor bar is open now, with volleyball scheduled to start in June.


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