Picking an ideal fishing hole from one of Minnesota's 10,000 fabled lakes can be an exercise in absurdity. On the other hand, the avid angler shouldn't overlook dozens of terrific rivers, streams, brooks, and creeks. Indeed, some of the world's biggest fish have been caught in what our Wisconsin friends call "flowages"--rivers that have been modestly dammed, creating wide, slow waters and whopping big muskies, northerns, and panfish. Still, if you're a trendspotter looking for the upscaled, yuppified version of angling, watch this one take off in the coming years: fly-fishing in fast, shallow waters. While this sport-cum-religion is hardly new to these parts, there's been a paucity of healthy trout streams here for most of this century, thanks to chemical agribusiness. But with widespread panic and aggressive legislation concerning the watershed in the last decade, our rivers are making a comeback. And so is fly-fishing. Greg Brown and Scott Seekins are into it. And if they're into it, we're into it, a decade later. Try wading down the beautiful Trade River, an hour north of the Cities, near Grantsburg, Wisconsin.


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