We almost picked the giant smiling critter impaled outside the Gopher Campus Motor Lodge in Dinkytown, but we weren't sure what it was. (It's got the teeth of a beaver, the tail of a squirrel, the body of a gopher, and a metal pole running up its butt.) But there's no doubting the big trout mascot at Trout-Air, the restaurant/artificial fishing hole/all-around family destination about 30 minutes from downtown St. Paul. Although you can't climb into its mouth like you can with the giant muskie in Hayward, Wisconsin, you can count on this fish for a laugh as you head north on I-35. During the holidays he wears a Santa hat, and during the outdoor concert season he's been known to toss back a brew and smoke a very large...cigarette. No wonder the Big Boy hamburger chain left town.


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