Feeling like a Wicked Wahini? According to Bali Hai's drink menu you must "beware of this seemingly innocent beauty! She Bites!" Or are you more of a Dr. Funk? (Which "just might make your wishes come true.") Or is this the night for your Missionary's Downfall? ("Guaranteed to put you in a compromising position.") Once you're happily ensconced underground in the Polynesian palace of Bali Hai's lounge--think wall-sized clam-shell waterfalls, decorative bridges, mahogany masks, and blowfish lamps--you'll really be needing one of these outrageous drinks. How else could you account for the fact that you're watching a Hawaiian floor show and singing "Tiny Bubbles" in the middle of Maplewood? (The show runs Tuesdays through Saturdays, with two shows on Friday and Saturday.)


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