We're Minnesotans, fer chrissakes, and there is nothing better than making slippery road conditions work for you. How? By crafting the proverbial "donut," also known as "the shitty." Here are the simple instructions: You need a car and someone to ride shotgun (i.e., an extra set of eyes looking out for cops). You find an almost-empty parking lot covered with a thin layer of snowy powder. If you have front-wheel drive, throw the car into reverse. Floor it. Pay attention to your reaction time. Feel your tires slide. Twirl in circles. Glide into elegant figure eights. Do not flip the car. Do not hit cars, lampposts, squirrels (unless you feel the urge), people, or other obstacles. Only the careless get caught, and therein lies the cheap thrill. According to the Minneapolis Police Department, punishments range from a fine to a few weeks in jail if you're charged with a misdemeanor.


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