It's hard these days to buy a bicycle that isn't either a mountain bike or a mountain-bike knockoff. So it's not surprising that there's a tremendous amount of pressure on our parks and public spaces from people who'd fancy a little off-road cranking to test just how worthy bike and biker really are. Unfortunately, most of our parks are now crisscrossed with ad hoc bike trails--a real headache for park managers who have to contend with erosion, water quality, ground cover, and all kinds of other environmental considerations. So if it's the rigors of mountain biking you seek, without the technical challenges and ecological hazards of serious off-roading, they'd be happy if you checked out Minnetonka's Lone Lake Park. They've paved the steepest and windiest sections of the trail, which is otherwise a grippy limestone gravel bed, so you can worry about heart failure without fearing for the rest of your body.


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