The Lone Lake Park trail in Minnetonka (see above) is perfect for mountain bikers of an urban bent. But if you're the kind of gearhead who says things like "I spud-locked and corn-dogged, while you were buffing your 'roids" (translation: "My cleats got stuck in the pedals and I tipped over, while you were dragging your ass on your rear wheel"), head to the Bloomington River Bottoms: a long stretch of undeveloped trail that winds up and down the bluff country of the Minnesota watershed, from Cedar Avenue to the Bloomington Ferry Bridge. For the truly adventurous, this trail offers numerous sand, water, and tree hazards along the way--all of which are under threat of extinction by way of a rumored DNR proposal to pave the whole shooting match. Easiest point of access, while the getting's good: the southern terminus of Lyndale Avenue, adjacent to the Minnesota River bridge on I-35W (Bloomington).


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