During any given week, somewhere between 2,500 and 3,000 different wines are in stock here--the veritable tip of the iceberg of an inventory that boggles the mind--including many bottles that are nearly impossible to find elsewhere. But wait! There's more! As in more than 300 specialty beers. And as in enough single-malt scotches, pure agave tequilas, small-batch bourbons, imported rums, cordials, and liqueurs to last you a million nights and a billion glasses. Plus a giant cigar humidor. And an attached shop filled with imported and domestic cheeses, coffee, bread, jam, pasta, and chocolates. Perhaps best of all is the blowout March sale, when hundreds of wines go on sale at jaw-droppingly low prices. Buddy, if you are bored with Surdyk's, you are bored with life.


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