Where else on earth can you walk past a big stained-glass window featuring frolicking dwarves, grab a net, capture your own rainbow trout from an indoor flowing stream, and have your prey delivered to your garden table in a crisp cornmeal crust beside a heap of fresh cucumber dill relish? Nowhere, my friend, nowhere else on earth. And Jax's walleye is tops: flown in fresh, never frozen, from the clear waters of Canada's Rainy Lake and prepared however you like. Add in service that treats you like family ("Honey, why not get cake? You only get one birthday a year. Besides, you could afford to eat a piece of cake, not like some people. I know, I know the style is thin and skinny, but what's a piece of cake? Just a little piece of cake? Good, you deserve it."), and you'll see why there's a core of people who never eat out anyplace else.


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