We may be at the dawn of a new era in fast food: when you can actually eat low-fat and healthy without cooking your own dinner or darkening the doors of crunchy co-ops, and we've got the coming influx of teriyaki chains and rice bowls to thank for it. At the (heaven forbid!) Mall of America, check out Hibachi San (in the food court under the movie theater); on Highway 7 in St. Louis Park we've got Kiko's Rice Bowl; and the high-fat food-court mecca at City Center now features Little Tokyo Express. A straight-up meal of rice, teriyaki chicken, and steamed vegetables (at Hibachi San you can add kimchi, that spicy pickled cabbage dish native to Korea) has as little fat as a lone deep-fried chicken-pulp nugget and costs about $4. Cheap, healthy, filling meals to be had on the fly? What's next, an oil that just passes through your body without being absorbed? Wait--that's a whole other story.


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