Nowhere does Minneapolis look as glamorous as it does from the rooftop at Joe's: the glowing basilica behind you, the moonlight on the Loring ponds in front of you, the sparkling sculpture garden off to one side, and, like romantic palms swaying on the beach, the ever-present waving searchlights of the distant strip clubs. While you bask in the splendor of it all, you'll sup on exotic burgers (may we suggest the Asian pork burger, or the curried yellowfin tuna burger?). You'll munch heavenly handmade fries (with an option to dip in red-pepper mayonnaise or gravy). To top it off, you'll spoon yourself full of billowy strawberry shortcake: mounds of fresh, lightly sweetened whipped cream sandwiched by feather-light biscuits decked out with the fresh, regal-red fruit.


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