Frankly, we could hand out a raft of awards to cafe un deux trois: Best Salade Niçoise, Best Croque Monsieur, Best Moules Marinières, Best French Onion Soup, Best Place to Wear Armani and Eat Fries--but what would be the point? It can be truly said that cafe un deux trois suffers because it's in a class by itself: Can we fully appreciate what a gem this Parisian bistro is without a good frame of reference? Where are you going to get a bad Croque Monsieur? When it comes to the all-important business lunch, cafe un deux trois really shines. Voices clatter in the soaring space, ladies order off the most reliable salad menu in town (love that salade épinard, a robust mix of baby spinach leaves in a warm bacon-sherry vinaigrette and superb Roquefort croutons) while men beeline for the authentic Steak au Poivre in its fantastic green peppercorn demi-glace. Excellent wines by the glass enhance the air of sophistication, and with all the hubbub and perfection around, whatever business you're conducting feels more important. And isn't that what a power lunch is all about?


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