As anyone who doesn't hit the TV mute button during commercials doubtless knows by now, every local teen's favorite sobering-up-on-the-way-home-at-2-a.m. joint has been upscaling its image. One by one, Embers restaurants have been reupholstering booths a soothing purple and teal, gracing freshly painted walls with duo-tone photos of local landmarks, and rolling out a revamped menu. Much of the fare is standard Embers: steak and eggs, grilled ham and cheese, and huge pitchers of coffee. But tucked away on the back page of the menu is the best dessert innovation to hit the chain diner in decades. For the princely sum of 35 cents, Embers now serves up the "World's Smallest Hot Fudge Sundae." It's no gimmick and the waiters don't smirk when you order it. It's a single scoop of rich vanilla ice cream topped with warm, dark fudge. No word yet on whether the red-eyed crowd can order a sundae apiece and linger over it for a couple of hours, waiting for bar rush to end or Mom and Dad to go to bed.


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